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Why an Entertainment Public Relations Agency?

As an independent artist, you've probably figured out by now that the ominous "Music Industry" has little to no interest in the "little guys." Getting discovered - for lack of a better term - is nothing like it used to be.

Forty years ago, the right listening ear would come along, hear your music, jump at the opportunity to sign you, and your career would catapult from there. Oddly enough, this is still how box office films portray the discovery of artists and bands by major labels.

In reality, for artists to get their big breaks in the music industry today, they jump through financial and political hoops established by major labels and the Entertainment Public Relations Agencies whose pockets they pad unless artists have enough money to throw at the label to catch its attention. If a label does decide to sign an artist, the artist typically undergoes huge rebranding of his/her image and genre; the artist often loses rights to his/her songs and the majority of the potential revenue for those songs because of loss of those rights. This is why more and more independent artists walk away from record deals every day, and, in turn, why major industry players claim the music industry is dying.

Well, the music industry is not dying...it's not even sick! The music industry is simply seeing a long overdue shift in power from the hands of major labels to the hands of the artists. We are by no means "there" yet, but we're making significant progress.

The greatest obstacle independent artists face in this power shift, and quite possibly the reason we haven't made greater progress sooner, is their general lack of understanding of successful marketing and promotion strategies with regard to their brands. Sure - you might post regularly on social media or have 100+ subscribers on YouTube, but do you know how to get your music on commercials? Do you even know that's a thing you can do? Do you know how to get your songs on the radio (and we're not just talking your local radio station)? Do you know how to get your songs on Spotify playlists? Do you know why you should get your songs on Spotify playlists? Do you know what an EPK is? I certainly didn't when I started out. Fortunately, I had a handful of people in the independent music industry that believed in my craft and wanted to see me succeed. They guided me in different ways through my journey as a musician. And while I was very fortunate to have known these influencers, I still discover information years into my

music career that I wish I had known from day one. This is ultimately is why be began The Underground, an entertainment public relations agency specifically for independent artists.

Most artists believe that the music industry is a competition. This is what mainstream media has told us time and time again, but it doesn't have to be. At The Underground, we believe in artists promoting artists. Each of us can contribute to and benefit from the success of other like-minded artists. Most of us are just a few steps away from that big break and simply need a little boost up. We want to be that boost! We want to provide you with the information you need to be a successful independent artist.

So now that you know that you have an entertainment public relations agency looking out for you (the little guys), you should feel empowered to keep making the kind of music that speaks to souls, makes people dance, or ignites social movements - and ultimately keep being you! We'll be here every step of the way to help you make that happen!

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