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You CAN get paid fairly for streaming your music online...Mhmmm.

I won't even make you wait for the punch line: Vishnu's Trumpet ("The VT") is the only online streaming platform that pays artists fairly for streaming their music.

Shut. The. Front. Door.

Yes, that's right: they pay artists FAIRLY for streaming their music. We're not talking $.007 per stream or even marginally above that. The VT (much like The Underground) is run by artists for artists, so they understand the struggle is real and believe in the power of music not just to change lives, but communities, and this world as whole. So yeah...they believe artists should be paid for the often unrecognized impact they have on humanity.

Artists, if you were thinking it couldn't get better than that, well, check this out: The VT seeks out musicians who produce music that MEANS $H!T! That song you wrote three years back about navigating finances as a millennial, the song you wrote in 2016 in protest of The Grand Cheeto taking office, or the songs you wrote in response to the Orlando Night Club Shooting, the untreated water contamination issue in Flint Michigan, the building of the Dakota pipeline, the Women's March, the shooting of unarmed black men that is constantly treated with a slap on the wrist, yours or your friend's/mother's/sister's/wife's/daughter's #metoo experience...those songs. Songs that bring a catharsis to not only the writer and performer but the listener as well. That doesn't mean your music has to be politically driven - everyday life provides plenty enough reason to move even me as an artist to pick up her guitar and translate those feelings and experiences through song. That's what The VT is looking for. As I write this now, I'm fortunate enough to be listening to this week's featured artist, Conner Cherland, who is one of the many shining examples of artists who write $h!t that matters...and he's really freaking good at it (personal recommendations to check out: "Freedom" and "Ocean's Cold").

Owner and founder of Vishnu's Trumpet, Nick Blake, says it best:

"If you are reading this [on the VT's website], then you are likely enjoying a jam from an underground independent artist you have never heard of before. An artist who is making incredible music that you SHOULD be listening to. Music that speaks to the struggles of our times from the creative souls of modern artists who are witnessing a world gone mad with the rest of us. Music that makes you laugh, cry, feel . . . and dance, dance, dance through the End Of Times.

If ever there was a time when the world needed peace, love and harmony through music, THAT TIME IS NOW."

And if that wasn't enough great news, we, The Underground, are SO FREAKING STOKED to announce that we are partnering with Vishnu's Trumpet's for all of our artists. To say that we are elated for this partnership is an understatement. We fully believe The VT will be the catalyst if not the cornerstone of a huge transformation for the music community. They embody everything we believe when it comes to artists supporting other artists, and staying strong as independent musicians! We are so happy to have any kind of part in what The VT is doing.

Do yourselves a favor: go to their website, click "Memberships" from the menu, and SIGN YOURSELF UP! Seriously. You won't be disappointed with the music you hear. You'll be grateful, and probably go on to support the artist(s) in literally any way that you can. That's what we did.

Also check out Conner Cherland anywhere and everywhere you can (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Website). This guy is going places!

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